MaxiCrab, the underwater drone that cleans yacht hulls

MaxiCrab is the name of an underwater drone designed to clean yacht hulls. This innovative prototype takes Italian excellence into the mechatronics world.

Cleaning the hulls of yachts and sailing boats has a direct impact on fuel consumption, and thus on the production of climate-changing gases and management costs. The problem has worsened due to rising sea temperatures, which encourages algae to proliferate on boat hulls. The purpose of the MaxiCrab project is to build the prototype and test the underwater drone with its evolved functions for yachts. The drone will be equipped with a wider brush, its vacuum/aspiration force is more powerful, it has a new circuit board, additional digital functions to assist the operators and a restyled design.

MaxiCrab is co-financed at 50% from public funding from the Tech Fast call supported by ERDF 2014 – 2020 , in participation with the Regional Council of Lombardy and the European Union. We at Fondazione Politecnico are working on the project alongside the company Aeffe.