ITALY FOR MULTAN | Exhibition in Milan

Italy for Multan is the outcome of the first stage of the project on “Sustainable, Social, Economic and Environmental Revitalization in the Historic Core of Multan City”, a cooperation agreement between the Italian Government and the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, which has addressed a number of important matters relating to planning, architectural design, conservation and urban infrastructure.

31/10/2013 - 11/11/2013

Urban Center - Galleria V. Emanuele II 11/12, Milano

The event

The exhibition at the Urban Center di Milano, curated by Professor Adalberto Del Bo from Politecnico di Milano, offers a novel and compelling vision of one of the most fascinating sites in Pakistani Punjab documented by Marco Introini through his wonderful photographs of the enchanting life and forms of this “Walled City”. Italy for Multan has set out a complex plan of social and economic development, transformation and protection of the environment in one of Pakistan’s most ancient cities, backed by the work of over 70 professors, technicians and researchers from Politecnico di Milano.

The exhibition Italy for Multan was organised by the City of Milan, Fondazione Politecnico di Milano and Politecnico di Milano, with the contribution of Epson and Neschen.