Improve the analysis of lake water quality (Como, Maggiore and Lugano lakes)

January 2019

- January 2022

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Connectivity & Information

The initiative

An innovative project to improve the analysis of lake water quality, integrating data from sensors, satellite images and information provided by the public. SMILE – System for the Integrated Monitoring of Insubric Lakes and their Ecosystems – is a project financed within the Interreg Italy-Switzerland Cooperation Programme 2014-2020. Its aim is to protect lakes, which are a fundamental resource for our territory constantly under attack from climate change and human interference on the environment. Through its advanced IT system, SIMILE intends to create a policy to manage the great lakes in the sub-Alpine region, together with a common strategy to improve the current monitoring system, in order to prevent and address particularly critical situations. Based upon citizen science – public participation in scientific research – the initiative will involve individuals, bodies, associations and other players interested in water management who together will help to formalise new guidelines to handle the future challenges facing the lake ecosystem.

The role of the Foundation

Fondazione Politecnico di Milano is partner in the initiative

Technical details

The quality of water and water ecosystems is fundamental to their recreational enjoyment and to tourism, as well as for farming and domestic uses. Geographically, these insubric lakes are on the Italian-Swiss border, which is an important aspect in their management. Water of a high quality inevitably depends on joint and coordinated action. SIMILE is grounded in the synergy among technical-scientific and institutional actors in the two countries. The project is run along participated lines (partners, individuals, associations and bodies) and involves formulating guidelines to tackle the future challenges lying ahead for the great insubric lakes.

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