Information Literacy: a game-based model as a defence against fake content

September 2017

- August 2020


Culture & Human Capital

The initiative

NAVIGATE applies an innovative approach, based on a digital game, to information literacy, directed mainly at university students to involve them actively through research, testing, competition and collaboration. In addition, it has the potential of making more people information literate because learning through games exploits the collaborative element of digital environments.

Technical details

NAVIGATE (Information Literacy: A Game-based Learning Approach for Avoiding Fake Content) is a project funded by the European Commission through the  Erasmus+ programme.

First results

The main results:
– a subject tree on the basic skills required for Information Literacy (how to locate, evaluate and use information effectively);
– a game-based model to improve Information Literacy;
– a selection of new serious games to encourage Information Literacy.

Financial supporters