Smart Innovative Valves

December 2018

- June 2021


Health & Life science

The initiative

ASSIST (Smart Valves based on Active Soft Materials) draws on the technological leadership of a group of industrial companies and the input of their academic partners at the forefront of research and development into smart deformable nanocomposites. The aim of the project is to design an industrial process for manufacturing innovative smart valves with integrated pressure sensors.

Download the newsletter of the ASSIST project (PDF).

Watch the project video of ASSIST: www.youtube.com/watch?v=YeLlGLQOI18.

Video recording of the final event of ASSIST: www.youtube.com/watch?v=KYCG83rPRmo.

The role of the Foundation

Support in the management of the project and responsibility for the training courses

Technical details

ASSIST intends to develop new technology to bridge the gap between highly precise and controlled fluid management, and low cost miniaturisation of portable biomedical devices, opening the way to the production of a new generation of healthcare devices built around smart compact fluidic valves. The technology proposed integrates the deformation sensors – made from active polymer nanocomposites – directly within the valves.
ASSIST will address issues relating to fluid control and system design and integration, using avant-garde technology to develop and produce intelligent fluidics devices based on active polymer nanocomposites. Nanocomposite membranes with integrated measurement capabilities will remove the need for external sensors, as pressure measurements are supplied during operation directly in the fluidic nucleus of the valve, while the infusion of fluid will be controlled accurately through a closed ring control system. The outcome is an innovative solution for competitively priced home treatment portable devices.
Beyond this ambitious technologic and industrial objective, ASSIST will implement a programme for sharing knowledge and expertise between industry and universities, thereby constructing a network of researchers capable of addressing the scientific and technical challenges of using active nanocomposites extensively in biomedicine. High level and exclusive intersectoral and multidisciplinary research and training will contribute significantly to developing the necessary professional skills for smart manufacturing processes and will heighten people’s career prospects and job offers. Training and interaction with the industrial and academic world will provide a new teaching model that differs from traditional academic education.


Financial supporters

The project is financed within the “Joint call for granting financial aid in support of the transfer of knowledge in the advanced materials sector”, published by Regione Lombardia (the Regional Government of Lombardy, Italy) and listed among the European Commission’s State Aid Competitions.