Let’s start building the SOULs of our cities

September 2019

- December 2020

EIT Urban Mobility


Smart mobility

The initiative

SOUL – Smart Mobility Hub Platform has created a synergic consortium between ten partners from all five EIT Urban Mobility Innovation Hubs (Central, East, North, South and West), which are working together on a suitably efficient tool with high scalability and commercial potential. SOUL is an expert decision support tool for the post-processing of different types of data, ensuring a robust digital ecosystem and a reliable decision support system (DSS) that can be scaled to address different sized cities and relative needs. SOUL will support stakeholders and public authorities involved in urban and mobility planning to transform mobility hubs from basic connectivity centres to integrated mobility service systems. The DSS will be able to improve the design of mobility services that cater to the need for social cohesion and inclusion and, therefore, facilitate and encourage the independence of disadvantaged user groups.

The role of the Foundation

Fondazione Politecnico di Milano is the project coordinator supporting the City of Milan

Technical details

SOUL will introduce a solid strategy shared and built together with all relevant urban mobility stakeholders, and focused on delivering seamless mobility by the end of the project. The relationships between stakeholders will be mapped systematically through SOUL, in order to set up and test a public-private network model, with stakeholder networks of mobility providers and citizen representatives being implemented in three major EU cities. As a DSS, SOUL will provide meaningful insights into urban systems, which can be used in market analyses of (new) end user‐oriented mobility services. In addition, the process will bring about an increase in citizen participation during the pilot and planning events. SOUL uses combined data from public and private sources to encourage a change in behaviour to introduce more socially sustainable approaches and patterns.

Financial supporters


Città di Milano; Città di Barcellona; Città di Eindhoven; ENEA; TUM; AALTO; Fondazione Politecnico di Milano; SKODA; MOL